Benefits of SEO

What are the SEO benefits?

SEO’s most popular benefit is ranking higher, but search rankings are just one means to an end. SEO has many real benefits that are related to traffic.

1. More traffic can be achieved through SEO

Ranking higher will usually drive more traffic to your site since most people click on the first search result.

2. Consistent traffic can be achieved through SEO

Search engine ranking can lead to both passive and consistent traffic. This is not the case with mediums such as email marketing and social media. These results often lead to traffic spikes that quickly disappear. Because social media networks are meant to provide fresh content, this happens. Many emails are marked as read, forgotten or sent to the spam folder. Because the search engine traffic is consistent month to month, it’s easy to see why the traffic becomes passive and consistent once you rank.

3. SEO can bring you ‘free traffic’

Search traffic is free, unlike ads that cost money. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer estimates that Ahrefs Blog receives 390k visits per month from search engines. It would cost us $1M per month to pay Google for this traffic. Although creating quality content that ranks high in Google search results isn’t always free, it’s often cheaper than advertising.