5 benefits of having a social media manager

1. Experts can save you time

Your industry is your expertise and you have the experience and time to prove it. It is the same with professional social media management agencies. Proven strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement take out the guesswork and potential for unanticipated pitfalls. You have valuable time. Are you willing to give up another part of your business to manage social media? Social media managers are responsible for many tasks, including managing your accounts, managing your reputation, creating and curating content and conducting content research.

2. Building brand recognition

Your brand is your distinctive fingerprint among a sea of competitors. What do you want to present to the world? What is the “that thing” that only you can offer? Knowing which platforms work best for you and creating guidelines to ensure visuals are consistent across all profiles, as well as regular posting on relevant topics and voice, can help you connect with your audience and attract engagement. Many businesses face challenges when trying to gain traction on social media. They don’t know where they should start. Results don’t happen by themselves and it takes consistent effort and persistence to promote your social media profiles. Are you able to identify your strategy?

3. Content Creator

Marketing is only as good as the content you create and adapt for social media. A social media manager can capture images and videos for Instagram and Facebook, create short, effective tweet copy, and make buzzworthy content to grow a following. These are just a few of the many ways they can create relevant content that is appropriate for each network. You are not paying for their graphic software, social media management platforms, creativity, or proficiency in the English language when you hire a professional to manage and create content.

4. Traffic Increased

Social media is a popular medium for generating traffic and referrals. If you have a goal, social media campaigns can drive traffic to your site. Marketing objectives could include increasing brand awareness, increasing reach, growing engagement or spreading the word about your services. Managers can use analytics to determine if a campaign has met its goals in order to maximize marketing dollars.

5. Building relationships and engagement

Many companies view social media as a scoreboard. You win when you have the most followers. Although numbers can be very powerful, they don’t have to mean anything. With authentic connections built on social media platforms, ROI can increase. Although you could spend thousands to gain thousands of followers for free, this will not benefit your company. It will also lead to followers moving away from areas where business might be done (e.g. overseas). Managers of social media focus on building meaningful connections. This includes using #hashtags to ask questions and connecting with industry experts and responding to comments and mentions.

A business strategy that can foster meaningful connections with customers and consumers must include social media. Effective social media engagement and management requires knowledge and experience, as technology changes rapidly.