6 Benefits Of Facebook Business Manager

  1. You can separate your personal profile and your business page. You don’t have to worry about privacy issues or accidentally posting something on your Facebook Page that is meant for you (or vice versa).
  1. Share access securely with multiple people. Without granting them ownership of your business assets, you can grant access to partners, agencies and vendors. This is how we’ll help you do it later in this article.
  1. You can control how much access each employee has depending on their role. This makes it easier to delegate tasks and monitor what employees are doing, without compromising security.
  1. You can easily revoke access to people who are no longer working for you. Because Personal Profiles don’t tie to clients’ or your own Facebook Pages, it’s simple to keep a current roster in Business Manager.
  1. Build different custom audiences for different ad campaigns. This is especially useful for agencies who have to run ads on multiple clients and for businesses that target different audiences.
  1. You can manage multiple Facebook Pages and Ad Accounts from one location. You have one central place to track your ads and performance.