What Consumers Really Want from eCommerce Websites!

What Consumers Really Want from eCommerce Websites!

Customers crave for a better online shopping experience. They want a website that is easy to use and provides them with all the information they need on a product before making a purchase decision.

They are the lifeblood of any business. Hence, it is important to know what they want from an eCommerce website in order to provide them with the best experience possible.

Customers & Their Expectations from eCommerce Websites

So what do customers really want?

Consumers today want a personal shopping experience from the brands they buy from. They expect the brand to be more responsive to their needs and that they understand what is going on with them as a customer. In addition, consumers want more transparency from brands, including lower prices.

Ways to Qualify for Free Shipping

We all love free shipping and when we find a company that offers it, we keep coming back for more.

Consumers are frustrated with eCommerce websites that make them go through lengthy signup processes to qualify for free shipping. It is also frustrating when the consumers forget to enter the code at checkout and then they need to fill out all the information again. This experience can be improved by taking away the code requirement and requiring less information on the registration page.

In fact, several studies have shown that 69% of shoppers would abandon their shopping cart if they had to pay for shipping. In addition, 52% of people would be more likely to shop at a store with free shipping than those without it. This is because it doesn’t require any additional effort on the customer’s behalf — they can simply browse and purchase as they normally would!


We should know that consumers are getting really tired of the same old eCommerce websites. They want more than just products they can buy; consumers want their online experience to be tailored to their needs and preferences.

Shopping online has always been an attractive option for people who want to buy things without the hassle of visiting the malls or shops. However, recent surveys have found that buying goods on ecommerce websites is getting more and more tiresome. The need for personalized recommendations based on what customers have previously bought, browsed or clicked is greater than ever before.

Consumers want tailored product recommendations that are based on their individual preferences and needs. These personalized recommendations based on their past preference not only make their shopping experience easier but also more enjoyable.


Don’t Push Them Hunting Somewhere Else

In this day and age where the competition is high, eCommerce businesses need to be on the ball with their website design. Consumers have a lot of options to choose from and they won’t hesitate to shop elsewhere if they don’t feel like the site is user-friendly enough.

If your customers can’t find what you’re looking for on their first visit, they will go looking elsewhere. So here are some ways to keep customers from hunting elsewhere!

Offer special discounts and deals – this is a way to ensure customers will come back for more!

Create an easy-to-navigate website (like this one smartpackaging.direct)- if your site is hard to use or confusing, it’s likely that customers will go elsewhere. Give the customer multiple payment options – this ensures that they have some or the other option.

Some of the features that consumers would want from an eCommerce website are: visible inventory, checkout process as simple as possible, good customer service, mobile optimization, etc.

Authentic Customer Reviews

For first time visitors, customer reviews are always helpful to know what other customers thought about a product before making a purchase decision.

To understand what customers want from eCommerce websites, we should first understand what customers want from the companies that they purchase from. The number one thing that customers look at when purchasing a product online is customer reviews. These reviews give a sense of authenticity because they are written by real people who have actually purchased and used the product.

Product Returns – Make Them Easy

Consumers want to buy products with ease. But the return process is often the most difficult part of an e-commerce transaction. This is because shoppers are often tied up in a process that requires them to return items to the store they were purchased from, or go through other lengthy procedures.

They also want to be sure that they won’t be charged a restocking fee for any products that are returned within a given time frame. The majority of consumers avoid making online purchases because of the hassle involved with returns.

The result? Consumers are often frustrated, angry, and unwilling to buy again from that same company. So how can companies make their returns process easier for customers? That’s right by simplifying it!

ECommerce websites should offer returns within 30 days of purchase, offer free shipping on certain items, and have easy ways for customers to send back packages without being charged for shipping costs.