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Web Services for Charities

Charities are a noble venture but can be incredibly hard to coordinate. Modern charities are turning to web services to help with managing donations, volunteers, and communications with the public. Fortunately, many web services can help charities manage these tasks more effectively and efficiently.

We provide web services that can help charities save time and money. Our services cover all the core elements required to create a channel to deliver information to all parts of the charity, donors, and donor recipients.

Here are a few of the services we offer.

Website Design

We understand that finances are often strictly limited within charities, and our affordable charity websites are ideal for such purposes. Starting at just £35 per month, we can provide your organisation with an effective tool for informing interested parties, which can also act as part of your funnel for receiving donations. With a low cost one-off set-up fee of £75, our sites are easily accessible within the budget constraints of most charities. For more information about our pay monthly website plans, click here.

Digital Marketing

We know your site is not for generating sales, but it is a low cost way to reach out and spread your message to the public. It may seem that big name charities manage this easily, but this is because they have grown to a point where they have the budget to market themselves across all possible platforms, including TV, Radio, and print media. However, these are all very expensive and relatively inefficient ways of marketing, and for small organisations, digital media has much more bang for buck. With a relatively small budget, we can offer you a curated digital content management service. Your content is checked for SEO and promoted appropriately to various internet platforms. We also offer, as an extension to our digital marketing package, social media plans. Social Media is now the go-to place for the public to ask questions of companies and organisations. We can monitor your social media platforms and make several regular original-content posts each week. Our prices begin at £99 for 2 platforms and 3 unique posts per week.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the biggest hurdles for charities is to be discovered by potential benefactors. When it comes to your website being found, you need to be sure that your site has been properly optimised to be discovered by the big search engines, Google and Bing. We can prepare your content to maximise its potential reach, ensuring that a broad audience sees it. Great SEO increases the chances of your site generating leads and boosting contributions. We offer SEO optimisation packages as a standalone service, but it is perfect when bundled with our website design service.

Social Media Plans

Social media is the final weapon in the arsenal to ensure you are maximising your reach to generate sales of your service. For local businesses, sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal ways for customers to seek your help. Customers like word-of-mouth recommendations, which users are happy to provide, and they also want to be able to approach businesses online directly. Of course, you may be busy with all this business, so who will run your social media platforms? We offer this service too. Check out our social media management pages for more information.


We offer a wide range of products suitable for websites of any type. If your business needs a cheap charity website or other web-based service and it is not listed on our site, contact us, and we will endeavour to provide a quote for the required product. We look forward to hearing from you.

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